It is Christmas Eve and there is a spirit of joy in the air as the Stahlbaum family anxiously awaits the arrival of their guests for their annual holiday party. Clara and her brother Franz run about the house with excitement as Lady Stahlbaum puts the finishing touches on her preparations. As the guests arrive, the festivities begin and the house quickly fills with dancing and laughter. There is  a moment of unease when a mysterious guest enters the party. Everyone is relieved when the mystery man drops his disguise to reveal himself; the beloved Uncle Drosselmeyer. He entertains the party guests with his intriguing life-size Russian, Chinese and Marzipan dolls, who each in turn do a dance for them.The excitement continues when Drosselmeyer gives each of the girls a doll of their own. Clara receives a special Nutcracker Doll and joyfully dances around the room with him as her friends watch in admiration. Franz tries to take the Nutcracker Doll from Clara and accidentally breaks him, leaving Clara in tears. Drosselmeyer quickly repairs the doll and all is right again. The party comes to an end and after all  the guests have left, the Stahlbaum family retires for the evening.

In the quiet of the night, Clara sneaks back into the living room to find her Nutcracker Doll. As she curls up in the chair with her precious doll and drifts back to sleep, Drosselmeyer enters and casts a spell upon the room. The room magically transforms and Clara awakens to find herself amongst giant mice who tease her by trying to take her doll. Suddenly the Nutcracker Doll becomes life size and engages in battle with the mice and their evil Rat Queen in order to save Clara. When the Nutcracker is wounded in the battle, Drosselmeyer brings him back to life as Clara’s handsome prince. The Prince leads Clara through the Land of Snow and brings her to his magic kingdom in the Land of Sweets.

Clara and the Prince are greeted by the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Royal Subjects when they arrive in the Kingdom of Sweets. Clara and the Prince tell them of how he defeated the Evil Rat Queen in their great battle and the Royal Subjects celebrate his victory and safe return by performing special dances in honor of Clara. Her time in the Kingdom of Sweets comes to an end and she says goodbye to her newfound friends.

Clara awakens on Christmas morning and finds herself in her living room. When she discovers her Nutcracker Doll nearby, she is left wondering if her adventure was real or only a dream.


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